I don’t have my own of anything.  My writing consists of stolen pieces of jewels taken from respectable people.  A melody of broken phrases tossed into the ocean of my mind.  They Swirl around and shine just when it’s about to go black.  If I could drink the tea of life and not feel like vomiting up that cliche I think I might find peace.

As I highlight yet another meaningful verse I mingle with questioning thoughts regarding how connected I feel to those particular words positioned in just the right way to speak to my inner being.  I almost feel violated as if someone else stole into my mind and borrowed its thoughts.  Not fancy organized thoughts, but rather connected the dots I failed to.  I imagine it feels like someone taking a hot fire stoker from my hand and searing my face with it.  Or maybe I only had that thought because it is what I would like to do to the writer in that moment.  Kiss them, then sear them!

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Please Write Soon

Dust covers me, there is no way of escaping a shower tonight!  I can barely walk around my house as open boxes spill out 68 years of memories my father has kept.  For the last three weeks the smell of grandpa’s basement fills my nose, its in my mouth, my hair my skin! As we chip away at this mess, and what a mess, I begin to see while I am scrubbing off the stench from my body that I cannot remove it from my soul.  My inner being is collecting these pictures and papers and writings and forming a new compassion for my dad.  I am learning, crying, laughing, smiling, sharing, and loving.

I came upon a box that excited me!  It was a box of letters my dad had written to his parents while he was in the Air Force 48 years ago!  I had to be careful opening the letters, as some were written on thin paper and all of them felt fragile and precious.  I treasured them.

I came across something my dad wrote that is now burned in my mind.  It comes up at random times and is now a thought that is now tied to my own.  It was the last line in a letter written from my dad to his father.

It read “I haven’t received any letters from you lately, please write soon.”

I don’t know of a word that would describe how I felt after reading this.  I saw longing, a deep longing to be loved and noticed.  A son asking his father to remember him, not to forget, to reach out and touch him as only a father can do.

I pray this every day to my Father in heaven.  I know this sentence because I have written it before, in my own heart.  This WAS written on my heart, but not by me.  My Father in heaven who made me wrote it so that I would long for Him the way He longs for me. So that I would not be lost and always have a road back to him.

My prayer, my down on my knees hot tears falling it is hard for me to breath prayer, is for my human father to receive the letter written to him from his Father.  From Jesus.

Jesus, please write soon.

Your daughter,


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Tea Tasters

If you have an affinity for tea you might find this either discouraging or motivating!  Have you ever wondered if there is a job where you just get to taste tea?  Well don’t get too excited, but an occupation just so happens to exist as a trained tea taster!  Stop.  I know what you are thinking.  Sign me up, right?  Hold your horses,  cool your jets folks and listen up.  Do not quit your day job, at least not for a few years.  In order to be eligible for this prestigious job a graduate degree is needed preferably within the fields of agricultural science, botany, or food science.  A degree in business management may seal the deal.  Even after your education the process of career advancement will take years.  From working in the field, to managing the tea gardens.  It may sound like a fun and easy job when the thought pops into your head, but a closer look shows a great deal of dedication and time is needed before becoming a tea taster!  I might stick with just tasting the teas in my cupboard for now, that should keep me warm and busy through the winter!

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Hello world!

My first trip to Washington D.C. was very educational. Honestly, it was difficult to find a passion for the history of the United States.  I consider myself a bit of a European history snob and this was way out of my comfort zone.  I mean, we have really only been in America for almost 400 years. Compared to the rest of Europe that is small change.  Contrary to my beliefs, the United States is full of fascinating historical events and artifacts.  I found myself biding for time and having to choose between the Natural History Museum and the Spy Museum.  Of course we all know the winner of that one don’t we?  By the way, did you know that watermelons were brought over to America by African slaves?

I am embarrassed to admit when this picture was being taken I thought that I was standing in front of the White House. That is sad.

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