Tea Tasters

If you have an affinity for tea you might find this either discouraging or motivating!  Have you ever wondered if there is a job where you just get to taste tea?  Well don’t get too excited, but an occupation just so happens to exist as a trained tea taster!  Stop.  I know what you are thinking.  Sign me up, right?  Hold your horses,  cool your jets folks and listen up.  Do not quit your day job, at least not for a few years.  In order to be eligible for this prestigious job a graduate degree is needed preferably within the fields of agricultural science, botany, or food science.  A degree in business management may seal the deal.  Even after your education the process of career advancement will take years.  From working in the field, to managing the tea gardens.  It may sound like a fun and easy job when the thought pops into your head, but a closer look shows a great deal of dedication and time is needed before becoming a tea taster!  I might stick with just tasting the teas in my cupboard for now, that should keep me warm and busy through the winter!

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  1. Adam Rix says:

    I want to be a tea taster!

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